Specialist Engine Builders

“World-class quality engines, tailored to your needs.”


We offer a wide range of engine building services, from historic race engines and fabrication to restorations and maintenance.


From mild to wild

Whether it's a hot street engine for your daily drive, or a wild race engine for your historic race car, we've got you covered. From Small Block Chev and Lotus Twin Cam, all the way to flat-6 Porsche and Bentley turbo engines, we've seen them all!
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Gearboxes & diffs

We've got all the equipment required to perform rebuilds on all types of gearboxes and differentials. Automatic and manual gearboxes, live rear axles and IRS setups...you name it, we've got it! 
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Bespoke builds

Whether you need a full car or individual component restoration, we've got you covered. Our areas of specialisation for full car restorations include post-war Bentley, Rolls-Royce and BMW. 
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Historic Logbook

How-to's, articles and videos. We'll keep you up-to-date with all things historic.

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Address // 8 Orthla Avenue, West Heidelberg, VIC 3081
E-Mail // info@deebeeengines.com.au

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