VIDEO // Magnus Walker: Urban Outlaw

Magnus Walker is a name you might have heard before, particularly if you’re a fan of the Porsche 911.

Urban Outlaw is a film by Tamir Moscovici that tells the story of Magnus Walker, the 911 nut from Los Angeles who builds ultra-cool custom Porsches with his own unique style.

Self-taught, and with disregard for purist rules, Magnus Walker has established himself as a true custom Porsche builder. Hell, even Jay Leno is buying ex-Magnus Walker cars, so he must be doing something right! Each 911 is built with a little Magnus Walker flair, and no two cars are the same.

We particularly like his ├╝ber-cool workshop in the Arts District of LA, and his immaculate collection of pre-1973 Porsche 911s. What do you think?

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